Instructions for activating Steam games

Dec. 28, 2022

Example activation on Metro Exodus

Deactivating Windows updates

  1. Install Steam client (If you have Steam installed. Create a new folder, and name it Steam Offline)
  2. Copy RGH Metro Exodus.exe and RGH Steam Guard to the root of the Steam Offline folder
  3. Run RGH Metro Exodus.exe from the root of the Steam Offline folder
  4. Press the "Install Steam" button (if you need to create a copy) Wait for the Steam copy to be installed

steam activation

  1. After installation, from the Steam Offline folder, activate RGH_Steam_Guard.exe
  2. Enter username and password for steam account
  3. Enter the code given at the time of purchase into the software (the code is valid for 24 hours from the date of purchase)
  4. The software will give you a code from the steam guard, enter it into steam
  5. You are logged in to our account.
  6. Downloading the game from the Steam library
  7. After installation, start the game
  8. Immediately after starting the game, close it (no more than 5 minutes in the game!)
  9. Taking Steam offline from the RGH Metro Exodus.exe app

steam activation

  1. All subsequent runs of the game are strictly via the RGH Metro Exodus.exe file and strictly in offline mode . A shortcut can be made to the desktop for convenience

steam activationsteam activation

How to play with your Steam account.

  1. Log out of Steam Offline with the game purchased, rather than logging out of account.

steam activation

  1. Start up the Steam that you previously installed. (not the one you installed in the Steam Offline folder)
  2. Enter your username and password and you're in your account.

How to log back in to an offline account bought.

  1. Logging out of Steam

steam activation

  1. Run RGH Metro Exodus.exe, click play. And select offline mode (If this window appears)

steam activationsteam activation

If this is difficult for you or something is not clear to you, you can ask the seller for help to activate the game.
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